Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Importance of Building a Fan Base

Hey, everyone!

I pray that you are in great spirits, at a great time in your life and enjoying yourself more than you ever have!

I've started contributing content to various sites and here is one post that I thought would be great to share with my blog readers. Enjoy!

The Importance of Building a Fan Base
At some point in your life, you absolutely loved a band, musician or singer, right? Did you ever stop to ask yourself why? Was it the way the music made you feel? What it something about the singer, musician and/or band in particular? Whatever it was it obviously influenced you to buy the music so that you could have it whenever you needed to dance, to reminisce, to relax, to dream or to travel with. It motivated you to buy every offering made available by that artist. It inspired you to see a live performance and anticipate their performances on television. You essentially became a lifelong supporter of that artist. This is exactly what your want from your fans.

In the last decade, it seems we've gotten away from the true meaning of why music really matters because the focus as been on the music industry, commercialism and exploitation of music. As a musician, you have to get back to the deeper meaning of music in order to understand why it is important.

Let's really think about what a fanbase is.

You are essentially building a community. You are serving this community by making music that matters to them. Why should it matter? Because they can relate to the expressions you bring forth to them. It's no different than what a church is to some people. There are literally hundreds of thousands of churches, a number of different religions and tons of followers in each of them. What makes someone choose the one they are apart of? It can be any number of reasons, but most revolve around a) how the church makes them feel (welcomed, safe, and happy) and b) that they feel they belong (whether through someone else's recommendation or through self-discovery of that church). They are accepted just as they are. This is the same type of feeling you want to give people that encounter your music. How can you do that? By being yourself. Show your listeners the emotion you have within and express it through your music. These types of feelings can't be manufactured in a studio. It comes from the most humble part of your soul that can only truly express what you truly have within you. This is why reality shows are so popular. People get a glimpse of real people like themselves, for which they can relate to what is being shown or heard. Your music should deliver the same type of experience for them.

How can you deliever this experience?

You can do this through constant interaction with your fans. Video tape some footage of your performances. Do an interview in your rehearsal studio, sharing the reasons why you made a particular song. Let them see you rehearse. Start a blog to share your thoughts about life with your supporters. Whenever they purchase a song, personally tell them how much you appreciate it. Whenever you get a positive comment, mention their names in the next blog personally thanking them for their support. Give them advance notice of your performances and special VIP treatment at the next show with a free t-shirt, free cd or downloadable ring tone. You like feeling special right? Show them that you, too, are human, just like them. This is how your fans relate to you. This is how you build a solid following. Make them feel like you care about them. Make them feel like they belong here.

Real music tends to create a movement, something meaningful to be shared for generations to come, not just on some fly-by-night mission to please or based on trends and fads. Study superstar musicians and bands. There is something special about them and they each have something in common. It's not just about the talent. It's how the music makes the fans feel. Let's face it. Your fans choose how they want to spend their time and their money. You are competing not only with other musicians/bands/artists, but also with other forms of entertainment (sports, movies, etc.) You want to own that space in their minds for music that they can count on to make them feel however they want to feel at any given point in their day, at any given point in their lives.

Music is and should be an experience for both the listener and the creator. Do you make music for yourself? You could, but what grand purpose would it fulfill? Music is meant to be shared with others. If you build it they will come…but what exactly are you trying to build? A fan base or a career of longevity? Building a fan base can involve marketing strategies, hype and advertising, all of which at some point or other cost money. Building a career of longevity means building a base of lifelong supporters that can't be bought with money…your music delivers the value. Long after the major labels have folded and websites have shutdown, nurture the connection you have with your fans and they will always be there to support you.

Many wishes of success to you in your career.

Ms. Mill Davis

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mannik Dara - A Musical Powerhouse

I'm not sure if I mentioned him before, but guys, when I say that this guy is talented, I surely mean it...and I don't take that word "talented" lightly.

Mannik Dara (love that name) is a powerful film, tv and video game, music composer, being compared to people like the Neptunes and Timbaland for bringing a new sound to the masses that crosses boundaries, ethnicities and genres. He also produces music for recording artists. His website has a variety of samples that you can listen to: and also a myspace page:

Music supervisors and film producers worldwide are learning about Mannik's large music library, currently boasting over 700 original instrumental songs as well as an original FX library that is amazing in itself! If you haven't heard of him, you are definitely missing out on a great talent.

If you appreciate great music, then help me spread the word about Mannik Dara.

Peace & blessings.

Mill Davis

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mid*Life Metamorphosis

Hey, everyone.

I'm hoping this message finds you basking in thoughts of happiness, creativity and bliss! I'm hoping that something I say today will resonate with you and help you come to a conclusion that inspires action to go forward with your dreams.

Well, a LOT has changed for me personally since I last wrote, which is basically the reason why that was the last time I've written.

You know how they say that when it rains, it pours? Well, I've gotten a heavy downpour on me during these last few months. I must admit that I've caused these changes on myself and it just seemed like a cycle of other changes that are directly affected by the previous one.

I finally took control of my life and started living for ME. Along with this, it seems that when you want to change things about yourself and your life, the people closest to you seem to resent those changes, or that they go through some type of metamorphosis of their own. Why must I apologize for what I want to do with MY life? Why must it seem as though I'm disrupting their lives too? Why is it wrong because I don't want to do what you are doing with YOUR life?

I've had some realizations come to me, with the help of a very close friend that is. In spite of going through the loss of his parent, he still had the patience to stick with me and believe that I can help him succeed in music. His success is inevitable though because he truly believes it. I'm taking a lot of cues from him, he's a great influence and a very spiritual teacher, in his own right.

It's true when they say that until you confront the fact that you have a problem or that a change is needed, you will not be able to do anything about it. Some of us are afraid of change...the very word makes some people cringe. I've had to learn to deal with things that have been habits for a long time, but certainly were not serving me nor my purpose. I've had some "tough" love administered to me over the last 6 months but I finally realized that I wasn't listening and just being stubborn. There is a difference between hearing and listening, you know? A BIG difference. It's funny how you begin to "wake up" once you step back and take notice of the movie of your life.

As an actor in the movie, you certainly can't see what others see. Your portrayal of what's going on around you makes sense to you because you are in the moment, you are acting out each scene according to the "script" you've been given. The script contains lines given to you by your parents, your teachers, your mentors, your elders and every one else that plays a part in your life. As a spectator, you see a plethora of other concepts that the director is trying to show you about the actors and what's going on in the scenes. It is necessary to be both at appropriate times because it can be overwhelming when the actor doesn't get a break.

Life is a contact sport. It doesn't come with a rule book, but it does often come pre-packaged with thoughts, values and beliefs that don't necessarily have anything to do with YOUR experience nor your purpose. You can easily fall into the trap of being someone else and not being true to yourself. In the moment when you realize that you have questions that "shouldn't be asked" or thoughts that are "against the norm," then and only then can you begin to experience true freedom. Although I've always gone against the status quo in the music business, I never practiced that same principle in my personal life and as a result, I am finally finding out what it truly means to be free.

No, it's NEVER too late to find the truth, so keep on searching for it. And no, it's not going to be an easy journey, either. The road to the truth has many enemies and your EGO is often your worst one. Your Ego wants to be the center of attention. It wants to be right about everything. It can't make mistakes and it doesn't like to be embarrased. It is selfish and self-serving. It is very controlling and talks the loudest. It acts as if it is the only thing you need to have and to listen to. It can be very vicious in determining what to think and feel about things.

These characteristics I described are NOT in my personality, but it seems I've been acting out these traits for quite some time. It feels like being bound in a torturing space of life, especially when you know that you are not being the person you really are. This same thing may be happening with a lot of you...and you know what?

It's okay...

...ONCE you realize what is going on. You CAN change it. You CAN change your life, WHENEVER you want, HOW EVER you want to.

Suffice it to say that I've REALLY been going through a life-changing transition and having the courage to admit that a change was needed was the first step. I'm proud of myself. You should be proud of yourself if you've done the same at some point in your life. You have to be WILLING to want to change or otherwise, it won't work.

Have the strength and courage to humble yourself to just listen to your heart; don't always react (like your EGO teaches you to do). Seek the truth for your OWN life. You have to live it!

Peace & Blessings,

Mill Davis : )

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Your Money Or Your Life?

Many of you may recall this title being a line in many gangster movies back in the day, when a robbery was happening, but it seemed so appropriate for today's post.

I was going back through some audio archives I have on my little handheld digital recorder and came across something I said that made me think more deeply about it today. It led me to think about money and time.

Which of these is more valuable?

Of course, most people are going to say their time is more important. I mean isn't that why we demand convenience, speed, portability and everything RIGHT NOW, so that we can cut down on how much time we spend on idle activities? Hmmm. Well, is that why we spend so much time in front of the tv, on the internet, in our cars (in traffic), on our cell phones, rushing to go to next red light, the next obstacle, the next (perceived) fear? I mean, we just zip, zip, zip through our lives and look up and don't have too much to show for it, many of us, anyway. So, WHY would someone say that time is more important to them when they are continuously trying to save their money but zip through their lives from moment-to-moment? It seems backwards to me.

I have always believed that you can get more money, but you can’t get more time.

Money has serious limits. It is only good at the face value printed on the note. It can be measured, it can be quantified. If you don't have enough you can't buy something or worse, you'll be grouped in a category that only affords you certain "luxuries" (for lack of a better, more fitting word). People die over money. People fight over money. People cheat, lie and steal for money. Money can be used for the good of the people, if used in the right manner.

Time, on the other hand, doesn’t have these types of limitations. It is only limited by what YOU use it for and the value YOU assign to it. It can be used for good of the people too, if that's what you choose to do with it. I remember reading this article some time ago that made the comparison of how time is more important in certain situations. A minute to someone in a hospital bed is very important to that person. A minute spent sitting in traffic is useless to someone else. An hour spent with your family can be just as worthy as an hour for someone that is traveling from miles away to be reunited with lost family members. There were some other profound comparisons, but I’m sure you get my drift.

The lesson for today? Use your time wisely. You trade time for whatever you choose to replace it with. That decision is up to YOU, no one else. You make time to do the things you want to do. It’s always a choice you make. Whether it’s spending more time with your family; spending time making your music and/or performing; spending time working with your hands and making things; whatever it may be, use your time to your advantage. It is really the only thing we have that we can truly use how we want with no rules, boundaries or limits…TIME. It is very important.

Wishing you a very productive and wonderful day!

Mill : )

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Change is the ONLY Constant

Man, when you go through it, you go through it...but the point is, you get through.

Change is the only constant in this life, besides death and taxes. Often we figure we know what we really want from this life and then life sends a curve ball and shows you that you weren't "specific" enough in the details. For instance, you say you want to get a record deal, but you didn't specify what kind of record deal...I mean, some people may think it's pretty silly to say, I want a GOOD record deal, I want a FAVORABLE record deal, I want a SHORT-TERM contract period if it's UNFAVORABLE to me...but, you've really got to dig into the details about what you really want. That's why it's so important to be as CLEAR as possible about what you are asking for.

You put those thoughts about what you want out into the Universe and it gets busy putting together the details of the "HOW" you'll receive this thing you've asked for. When you least expect it, it will come or show up in a way you wouldn't have imagined. That's been my latest conversations with one of my good friends lately. The way we want things to happen is not necessarily how they are going to happen. That's why it necessary to have your eyes open to opportunities because they can be your dreams in disguise. Look past the surface and read between the lines. Pay close attention to details.

Have a wonderful, productive day :)


Monday, February 26, 2007

What's Stopping You?

Trust me...I know how it is.

You are sitting there with a dream, a long-desired passion waiting to "come out and play." You've longed for the moment that you can tell those people at the j.o.b. to kiss where the sun don't shine. You've smiled at the thought of a traffic-less day to spend your time, your way. You've thought of every possible thing you could be doing instead of what you're doing now. You seem to have it all figured out...but, what's stopping you?

I had to come to terms with myself. I was seeking understanding of why I keep going through the vicious cycle of starting and stopping things that I'm highly capable of completing, certainly able to deliver, but for the life of me I couldn't figure it out. So I had to step out of the picture, observe my actions and make a decision.

You can only imagine the learning experience I've had with getting my book completed. I started this journey in March of last year, determined to finish it and get it out and released. In the meantime, I've had things come up that have pushed the date I had in mind to let the world have a look at it due to circumstances beyond my control...whether it was depending on someone else to do their part or for finding which true friendships truly exist in your life. I don't blame anyone for that, though, it is a learning experience. I could very well let it stop me, but I didn't.

In the meantime I wanted to tell you about a book I found, of which I'm an affiliate as well. The book is called "Beat-o-nomics: Making Money With Music Through Marketing," and it is being called the Music Producer's Bible, because it caters exclusively to helping them make money. What's great about the book is that it also is getting praise amongst other music entrepreneurs as the strategies listed can be used by anyone! The affiliate program is currently 50% of the purchase price...a great way to make a second part-time income and right now you can get access to the 3 chapters FREE by visiting:

I've also started a free music marketing sellutions article and e-book series for which you can register for free for access to the free report archive. This can be found at What's more is that you can earn money on selling these reports on your website. They are also quick and easy to read and all at a reasonable price.

As you can see, I didn't let it stop me. I expended that energy into something else I love, which is writing, educating, motivating and inspiring others to be their best!

What's stopping you? Don't let it be yourself, but if it isn't you stopping yourself, don't allow others to stop you either. It's not worth it...time is all you really have in this life...use it wisely!

Have a wonderful, productive day!

Mill : )

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Universal creations

Hey, everyone.

Yes, I know it's been a minute since I've written. A lot of has occurred in these last two months and just dealing with those issues on a mental and emotional level has been a lot for me.

I don't know how many of you out there believe that there is so much more to this world than what you see, but I am a living witness that there is something phenomenal in this Universe if you really seek more with your very heart and soul.

Always realize that the key to change is to first recognize the need for change and then feel the change in your life. I know it's hard to feel or imagine something you've never experienced before, but then, how will you know it will make you happy if you don't experience it in your mind first? How will you know? It's all based on how you feel about the change. Don't dwell on your current circumstances because those are a result of past feelings and thoughts. You can change your future based on what you do RIGHT NOW! You've probably heard this a million times, but look at it from this perspective. See yourself in the position you want to be in. How does it feel to see yourself there? Are you smiling? Are you nervous, anxious, fearful? Are you relieved? Take notice of the FEELINGS you have associated with the images you want to have appear in your world and then use your imagination to "work out the kinks" so to will give you a lot more insight on why something feels the way it does as you look into your future. It's amazing how powerful the mind is, when you use it to really create your future.

Always remember that until you decide you want to be, do or have something else, and ACT upon that decision, everything you see will remain the same way in your life and you'll continue to get that. Take the time to use and exercise your does wonders for your life!

Don't make New Year's Resolutions...Make Changes for your Life beyond this upcoming year!